Djalarr Unisex

Always stuck for something to say at social occasions?

This is no ordinary tee! 

Firstly, you can brag about how you are now an investor with a technology and art portfolio. It's been featured in Vogue, Smart Company and StartUp Smart - all the fashion tech entreprenuers are talking about it. 

Next you can brag about how awesome you are for investing in Indigenous Senior Traditional Artists in Kakadu - 50% of the profit from this shirt has gone directly to the artist. The amazing Graham Rostron has painted 'Djalarr' (Centipede) Dreaming, handed down by thousands of generations of his ancestors for you to share.

Then you can brag about how you've invested in a world first indigenous economic development project that sees Senior Indigenous Peoples' lead in the digital economy. And that the shirt you're wearing tells one of the most ancient stories in the world - in 3D augmented reality.

They'll say 'what's that'? Then you can just show them how the tee works with our seamless app, Indigital Storytelling, and watch their brain explode

Then, you'll have trouble shutting them up.

Four problems solved with one tee and a free app. 


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